Find out about our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, contact us using the button below, or take a look at our Help Centre!

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    What is Magic League?

    Magic League is an easy to use integrated web-based sports management platform that reduces the time and effort you spend planning and supporting your sports league, team or club. It can help you get more participation, manage admin and build strong relationships with your community, all achieved in less time with fewer headaches!

    Whether you are a hockey club, basketball team or a rugby league, the Magic League customisable software application brings the expertise and features that you need:

    • Automating registrations
    • Automating cashless payments
    • Ensuring data compliance
    • Streamlining communication
    • Streamlining the coordination and availability of players, coaches and resources

    Read about more benefits to your sports team, club or league

    We are constantly updating Magic League, with our development updates being posted in our Blog!

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    What sports do you support?

    Magic League is customisable and suitable for any type of sports team, club and/or league.

    We offer a complete software platform designed to simplify and streamline management tasks for all sports teams, clubs, and leagues. We support a range of sports including but not limited to; NetballSwimmingRugbyCricketHockeyVolleyballTennisFootballBasketballTable TennisBadmintonUltimate FrisbeeLacrosseAmerican FootballFencing, and many more! Our software eases registration, team information input, fixture scheduling, pitch assignment, umpire and coordinator tracking, updating scores and league tables, and so much more! 

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    Is a free trial of Magic League available?

    Yes. As a team, club, or league, you can start a free 3 month trial at any time with no obligation to continue, and the ability to cancel at any time – simply sign up via the website.

    For larger clubs and leagues you may want to request a demo before starting your free trial, to better see how Magic League can help you and your sports management.

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    What is your pricing?

    Sports teams, clubs, and leagues can access Magic League’s innovative software through 3 tiers of access to our modules, each with varying levels of features:

    Teams – Our Basic plan is free, and the Premium plan is coming soon.
    Clubs – Our Basic plan is free, and the Premium plan is coming soon.
    Leagues – Our Basic plan is free, the Standard plan is £2.95 and the Premium is £4.95 per month

    We also offer discounts for larger leagues, so please contact us for further information, or if you have any further questions. 

    *card fees apply, and transaction costs are always competitive

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    What user support do you have?

    We offer support via our support tickets 9am-5pm every weekday, along with our online knowledge base, found here!

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    Do you have different plans?

    There are no functionality restrictions within Magic League – you get full access to all of our industry leading features, whether you are a sports team, club, or league – all that changes is the level of hierarchy present.

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    How can I access Magic League?

    All you need is internet access and a browser, because Magic League is a web-based application. You can use a current version of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari. For best results, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer, with Chrome.

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    What features do you offer?

    A comprehensive list of our features can be found here.

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    Where can I view your Privacy Policy?

    You can view our Privacy Policy here.

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    What payment options do you offer?

    Our payment system allows players to allocate costs between their team easily, meaning each player has the ability to pay their own portion of match fees, rather than needing to go through the captain!

    For your players, we offer a wide range of payment options, including; card payments, cheques, team credit, and BACS – no need for players to carry cash for games!

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    Will there be updates?

    Yes! Magic League is being updated constantly with new features and user experience improvements.

    If you want to read more about our latest updates found in our blog, please click here!

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    What are the benefits to my organisation?

    Our sports management software helps people claim back more time to focus on what matters – growing their community, team, or business. We offer you support 5 days a week, with access to our help centre during out of office hours.

    With us, organisations are able to save money, improve their cash flow, grow, and realise their full potential.