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Our top-rated software for leagues, clubs, and teams.

Improve every area of your league management with our unique system

Communicate Better With All Parties Involved With Your League, Club, or Team.

Communicating with individual players, selected players or parents, full teams, or everyone within a league  – our communication tool makes it a breeze. Communications can be sent via email or SMS – with last minute changes or cancellations communicated to everyone within minutes, or automatically, depending on your chosen settings.

Communications screen
Magic League payment allocation tool

An Industry Leading Payment System

Our payment system gives league providers peace of mind, with automatic payments and safety features, helping you to improve your cash flow and reduce debt!

Meanwhile, players are given more choice with how they pay, letting them choose how and when they pay!

Dedicated Scheduling Features Let You Take Control 

Our industry leading fixture management features give you complete control: swapping fixtures, moving fixtures, editing fixtures, replacing times, full edit functionality, and more, makes managing your fixtures a breeze.
With our League module: Schedule training, set up fixtures – manually or automated, assign officials, and send out communications easily when things are changed!
With our Club/ Team module: Schedule training sessions, matches, team socials, match officials, venues and pitches ensuring everyone knows where they need to be and when.

Fixture editing, swap, and schedule
Magic League stats tracker

Track Performance with Enhanced Statistics and Reporting

With a host of reporting options and sports-specific statistics, you can analyse and report on your up-to-date financial and business data, as well as following player and team stats. The Magic League system gives you a wealth of useful reporting, and statistical data at your fingertips – helping you better manage your league.

Teams and Player Portal

Whether you’re running a league, club, or team, your players will have their own login space, where they can see upcoming fixtures, training events, update whether they will be attending matches, pay match fees, and more!

Our top-rated software for leagues, clubs, and teams.
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Operational Tools for Clubs and Teams

Clubs can leverage specialised tools to manage operations, coordinate with league providers, and foster better communication within their community.

Teams can effortlessly manage rosters, track player avilability, and ensure that the right players are assigned to the right events.

Security and Data Integrity

Magic League is build with a strong focus on security, ensuring all user data is handled with the utmost confidentiality and integrity.

Regular safety audits and updates ensure our platform remains compliant with the latest data protection regulations. 

League Screen
Magic League reporting capabilities

Power BI Reporting

Magic League utilises power BI reporting, extending its functionality and providing you with a centralised management hub, allowing you to track payments, users, teams, fixtures, and officials!