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Looking to get your swimming team, club, or league into tip-top shape? With Magic Sport’s top-rated swimming management software, admin has never been easier!

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Manage your players and members

Online Registration membership system

Self-service registrations

Availability and Scheduling for a softball or cricket club

Generate schedules

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Automated payments

Online and Auto Pay for rugby and football league

Mobile Access

Communication for a hockey, volleyball or netball league

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Contact database

Manage GDPR with club administration software
Data Compliance

Marketing platform

Elevate your swimming organisation to become leaner, faster, and better

In the past, managing the administrative and financial maze of swimming was a daunting task, especially when your primary focus is to create a tight knit community. But not anymore, thanks to Magic Sport’s customisable, user-friendly, cloud-based, and top-rated swimming management software. We have specifically and purposefully designed this for individuals at the helm of sports league management – even if technology isn’t your forte. Find out why we are trusted by sports providers across the nation, and why Magic Sports is the go-to solution for anyone, whether managing a local amateur team or a complex, multi-tier organisation, by booking a demo today. But why us? Users love our functionality, simplicity, and reliability, letting swimming organisations propel themselves to new heights.

So grab your team, club, or league – Magic Sport’s sports management software helps you manage everything, from players registration to generating your entire season’s fixture list.

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Improve your swimming management

Our top-rated swimming management software gives you all the tools you need to run a better football league that works more effectively and efficiently. In brief, our wide range of great features, functions and tools will help your league management at every level.

Another great reason to work with us is the speed and ease with which we can get you up and running. For example, we offer full, personalised support, and help to get you using the system quickly without any major issues.

We understand one of your main concerns will be getting up and running quickly and being able to focus on the core activities of your role. While there is some work involved in getting started, it’s minimal. This is because we aim to do most of the setup for you – meaning you can focus on your important tasks and activities.

Discover more about how our swimming management software can help you, when it comes to running and managing your swimming organisation by requesting a demo below!


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