Quiz time – baseball hybrid

We are testing your sports knowledge with our sports quiz.

Baseball is a combination of which two English sports?

Answer: Cricket and Rounders

Although the origins of baseball have been the subject of a lot of debate for many years, it is thought that baseball (as well as other well known bat, ball and running games) originated in early Britain, Ireland and Europe (France, Germany etc.).

Early English immigrates to America played cricket, especially those that were in the higher classes of society. There were also many Irish setters who preferred a game of rounders, which was an earlier form of cricket.

The cricketers of the time encouraged “rounders” as another diversion, and even allowed it to be played in their cricket fields. Some people preferred an alternative to the more formal sport of cricket.

In summary, “early baseball” grew up in the USA under the guise of cricket and rounders.

(For more information go to Wikipedia)

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