Magic Sports Update Blog #4

Welcome to our latest development update blog. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve Magic Sports so that you can enjoy even more benefits our system has to offer! In this blog post, you’ll find all our recent and upcoming development updates that we’re so excited to share with you! 

Some of our latest features we’ve added into our top-rated sports management system: 

  • Our exciting new live score feature means scores can be updated from coordinator and match official logins, meaning you can update scores and in-game events as the match takes place. The live score URL provides updates on incidents within the game as well as scoring information, keeping everyone up to date! 
  • Magic Sports also now offers bulk user upload, allowing you the option to add users in groups rather than individually, saving you time and reducing your administrative burdens 
  • In addition to this, our system also supports bulk fixture upload, meaning you can input your fixtures at a much quicker rate, minimising the time you have to spend on these tasks 
  • Have a player act out of line in accordance with your organisation’s guidelines? Blocking a player allows you to remove a player from your organisation, and prevents them from signing back up, giving you peace of mind that when a user has been removed, they will be unable to sign back up 
  • Our new chat function enables messaging between everyone involved in your sports organisation, providing clear communication and keeping everyone up to date 
  • We have also improved our automatic email communications feature for match officials when being assigned to matches, ensuring that referees and umpires are immediately informed about who must be where, removing uncertainty and confusion 
  • Improved match official availability for admins helps you to keep track of which officials are available when assigning to matches 
  • You can now submit your roster and jersey numbers, helping you better keep track of scorers and events within the game 
  • Now add individual player season charges separate from team charges, streamlining your payments and adding more financial options for you 
  • We also have new reporting capabilities, allowing you to calculate and view revenue for a specified period 
  • Improved team and club functionality has also been integrated into our system, providing a better experience for all our users 

These are our latest updates, but we have more coming soon too, including: 

  • Our Memberships feature will allow you to create memberships for users to subscribe to your organisation – keep track of memberships and personalise how users join you 
  • Bulk team addition will enable you to add multiple teams at once as opposed to adding individually, saving you time and effort 
  • You will also be able to different email signatures when sending communications, providing more clarity and allowing for differentiation within messaging 
  • Need a last minute player? Soon, use the pooled players function to find players available when and where you need, searching by role, league, and availability! 

For further information on how to access any of our new features, please visit our help centre. 

Your feedback allows us to refine and expand our system to give you the best experience possible, so feel free to get in touch with us directly or via our support tickets. 

Together, we will make sports management not only easier, but magical! 

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