Fixtures Generator Tips – how to choose

by | Oct 12, 2022 | League Management Advice & Guidance

If you’ve going to be running a league, chances are you’ll need a fixtures generator. There are a number of different fixtures generator tools available online. Most of them are free. But there are some key differences between them. In this post we break down things you should consider when choosing one to use. 


Number of teams


One key consideration when finding the right fixtures generator for you is how many teams it can process. Most fixtures generator tools will give you at least 32 teams that you can specify. Some will give you more. Be clear on how many teams you need before you start.


Where will the fixtures generator store your data?


Another key consideration is where your data will be stored. Once you use the fixtures generator, it will have to store your data somewhere.

Some are more private and secure than others. For example, using some fixtures generator tools, your data may be visible to other people who use the fixtures generator. Or people who go onto the site of the fixtures generator might be able to see some of your information.

The best way of handling this is to be clear on exactly how each tool will handle all your data right from the start. If they don’t state clearly on their site, then contact them and ask them to confirm. If the details are still not forthcoming, then consider not using that tool. It might be that your data is not 100% private and secure.


Do they have advertising on their site and other channels?


If you’re anything like us, then you want a tool where things like display advertising are not going to get in the way. Some tools do contain things like display ads on their sites. These can be a bit of a pain and interrupt the flow of what you are doing when you use the tool.

So check to see if the tools that you are looking at run ads when you are using them. All things being equal, it’s probably better to go with one without advertising. It can be really annoying to have display ads appearing all over the place when you’re trying to use the tool. So check this before you choose the right tool to generate your fixtures with.


What’s the UX/UI of the fixtures generator like?


The final important consideration we want to mention is the overall UX/UI of the tool. This can vary greatly from one to another.

Obviously the most important thing is to have a tool the gets the job done really well. But a key part of that can be having something that is simply and easy to use and navigate.

This is where the UX/UI of the tool comes into play. Again all things being equal, it’s better to have one with a really strong UX/UI experience. The design of the tool should be clear and clean. You want something where you’re not struggling to figure out how to use the tool.


Want to use a fixtures generator tool right now?


If you want to get started using a tool right now, then why not get access to our fixtures generator tool right now. It contains a wealth of features and is quick and easy to use. Take a look now to generate your fixtures.

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